Who is Supply Hope? | Supply Hope


Noemi 3Do you know who Supply Hope is? You may have seen our videos or visited our website but do you really know who Supply Hope is? Not “what we do” but “who we are”?  Well, I’d love to tell you exactly who we are!

We are primarily women living in Nicaragua struggling with the realities of poverty.  We are trying to provide for our families.  We want to provide our children with a proper education.  We want our families to have hope for the future.

We are Noemi.  Before Noemi joined the Supply Hope team, she was unemployed and struggling to support herself and her son. She had lost hope. She is now operating a Mercado Fresco home-based micro-franchise and everything is different. She is working hard and supporting family.  She is setting goals for the future and saving to make much needed home repairs.

She is happy.

She is on the path out of poverty!