Give monthly and join La Chispa, a community of givers who consistently fan the flames of hope. Your regular support allows us to plan, grow and provide opportunity to women who want it.

Why Give Monthly

Sustainable Mission:

Supply Hope provides opportunity, not charity. Equipping parents with a reliable income provides is a sustainable pathway out of poverty. This approach changes what is possible for their children, as well as for their communities that now have access to healthy food.

Amplified Impact:

Over time, the amount you contribute will compound to have a greater impact. The one-time start-up costs of launching a new store are recouped in earned income for that parent within the first year of business.

Reliable Support:

The consistent support from monthly giving allows for us to plan for the future. It also ensures that we can continue our efforts in uncertain times such as these. Furthermore, monthly giving cuts down on donation-associated administrative costs, which means more of your dollar goes toward helping those in need.

Make a Monthly Gift

$10 / Month

Empower women with quarterly workshops that promote confidence, collaboration and connect the Supply Hope family to be a network of support for one another.


$25 / Month

Equip our store owners with supplies they need to begin their journey out of poverty, including a money bag, sun-protectant gear, and the uniforms that symbolize their newfound hope.


$50 / Month

Enable parents to overcome the obstacles on their path out of poverty by providing them with a benefits package. This includes legal services, counseling, financial consulting, and healthcare.


$75 / Month

Education is the key to a store owner’s confidence and business success. $75 a month provides training and on-going business education.


$100 / Month

In one year, you can provide a path out of poverty for an entire family by covering all of the one-time start-up costs for a new business. You can give a mom in need the opportunity to run her own store and earn a reliable income.


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