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sh_posters_trainingApproximately one billion individuals globally can be defined as necessity entrepreneurs: individuals who have no other viable option for income than to start a small business. For many, this is a blessing but for others it’s a struggle. In Nicaragua, 80% of the population is living below the poverty line (under $2 a day) and more than 800,000 live in extreme poverty (less than $1/day). Due to extreme unemployment, many Nicaraguans start small businesses as a means to support their families yet they have had no training or experience running a business. Due to the lack of education and training many of the businesses fail and the family continues to struggle.

We have seen this cycle over and over and it is why training is such an essential part of Supply Hope’s micro-franchises. This is why we established a training center that provides much needed services including skills assessments, on-going business training, and marketing services. We also operate a “company store” that provides “on the job” training for our store operator candidates. This allows the future store operators to gain customer service skills, learn reporting requirements and the proper management of inventory to ensure the success of their home-stores.

Our desire is to provide appropriate training and proven business models to equip trainees for long-term success and the provision of a livelihood for their family!

Your contributions to Supply Hope enable the sustainable provision of these on-going training needs.