The Right People in the Right Place | Supply Hope


We have been shifting around our team over the past few months. I strongly believe that you should shape a role around a person and his/her strengths. Find good, passionate, smart people and the rest will work itself out!

We’ve hired a new recruiting manager, Gertrudis. She is working on a PR plan to attract more candidates. We were on the Channel 14 show down in Nicaragua, and they have already asked us back to keep us in front of people.  She is building relationships with all of our “people partners". These are the organizations that we work with to recruit more women. Churches and other nonprofits direct candidates to us and it is how we receive many applications for Mercado Fresco store operators. I’m so excited about this new hire and I think Gertrudis is going to do a great job!

Manuel, who has been with us since the start and is very integral to our operations in Nicaragua, has moved into a different role that fits him perfectly. He will now be our Support Sales person, concentrating full time on what the stores need to increase sales. We don’t want to just keep adding stores and halt growth with the stores we already have in operation. With over 100 Mercado Fresco stores, this is a huge need and I am so relieved to have Manuel at the helm of this effort. He is working on a individualized sales plan for each neighborhood. If there is a school down the street, he will teach our operators how to go there with juices and yogurt when school gets out and other tactics to increase sales. He has a lot of ideas already on how to help our operators and I can’t wait to support him doing this!

We have a truly remarkable team in Nicaragua. They work hard and are passionate about our mission. What more could you ask for! Supply Hope would be nothing without them and I am grateful to work alongside such amazing people.