SERVICE | Supply Hope


130819_SupplyHope_200Service is a word that conjures up several feelings in us. We think of the service we receive at a business or event. We may also reflect on organizations of service like the military, Red Cross or Boy Scouts. Regardless of how we perceive the word – we all relate to our own experiences.

At Supply Hope, we are creating an organization where service is a high value. We are serving our store operators by establishing the micro-franchise, coordinating the delivery of goods, marketing and the distribution of commissions which provides their livelihood. However, one of the largest impacts we have seen is through the service provided to the local communities where we are providing fresh, affordable foods through home-based stores in low-income neighborhoods in Managua, Nicaragua. We serve to help elevate their health and well-being, their sense of providing for their families, and the satisfaction that comes with the fulfillment of an unmet need.

When you support Supply Hope, you are serving in an area of the world where it is much needed. Your assistance is making a lasting difference in the lives of an individual, family and community – one micro-franchise at a time.

Your service makes a difference!