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sh_posters_opportunityOpportunity looks different for each of us. For most, our opportunities are unlimited. But for some, they are limited based simply on where they were live. I’ve often wondered what my life would have been like had I been born in a developing country. Chances are that as a woman, I would have had a very limited education and starting working at a very young age to help support my family.

While working in Nicaragua, we have had the opportunity to meet some many wonderful people, and for many of them, life has been hard. They are hard working but have very few opportunities to earn a steady and reliable livelihood. It has been such a blessing to come alongside these families and train and equip them to operate a micro-franchise that will allow them to earn a living and provide for their families needs. With their new opportunity, they are able to feed their families nutritious meals, send their children to school with the supplies they need, and make essential improvements to their homes.

You also have the opportunity to be a part of this work. Your support helps to provide the training and equipment needed to start a new micro-franchise. We currently have over 50 stores that have raised store operators incomes from less that $2 a day to $8 a day on average and served over 12,000 people with affordable and nutritious food. Our goal for Phase 2 is to scale to 300 stores! We are extremely excited that micro-franchising is working, people have the opportunity for a better future, and lives are being changed.

Don’t miss your opportunity to make a difference!