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Meet Roxana…

Roxana was a single mom with a child living with and depending on her grandmother for support. Her grandmother received a small pension but it was not enough to provide for all their needs.

When Roxana heard about the Mercado Fresco micro-franchise, she knew that this would be the perfect solution. Since Mercado Fresco is a home-base fresh market, she is able to stay at home with her grandmother and son…while earning a living!

Now, as a Mercado Fresco store operator, Roxana is able to provide for her family’s needs like never before. She can now buy milk, diapers for her son and proper medical care as needed. This has been a huge blessing for Roxana and her grandmother.

We all want to be able to provide for our family’s needs. And as we continue our work in Nicaragua, we continue to see that one of the greatest needs for the poor is a way to earn a living.

Supply Hope is committed to providing a path out of poverty through micro-franchising!

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