“It’s possible?” | Supply Hope


sh_posters_possibilityThink of the times in your own life when you dreamt of the possibilities that lie ahead of you. For most of us, our lives are full of endless possibilities. We make choices each day that make the future that we desire possible. We see it – make plans, work hard for it – and we achieve our goal.

But not everyone has the same vision of possibilities. They may be limited by their environment, lack of mentors, or social situation which seems to be leading them down a dead end street. Millions of people around the world are limited in their possibilities because they are trapped in the cycle of poverty. Their reality is much different than ours.

Nicaragua is the poorest Spanish-speaking country in the world and the second-poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Nearly 50% of all Nicaraguans are either unemployed or underemployed and many of the poorest are women and children. Many parents struggle to simply provide their families with their basic needs.

That’s why at Supply Hope we are making it our job to help our team see their possibilities. Every day we train, coach and share the hope of a path out of poverty – with our store operators, delivery team, administrative staff, or in-country leadership. We make every effort to have all our families see the potential of possibilities – especially, right where they are.

Supply Hope transforms lives by giving them hope for a better future and the sight of possibilities to those who may not have seen that vision before. Our store operators are able to not only see the possibilities, but they are able to see the possibilities realized in the successful running of their micro-franchise. Every day we can see their ‘vision’ improve and the possibilities grow into realization. Soon they are on their way! Now, imagine the possibilities when we have grown from 50 micro-franchises to 500!

That’s our dream – we see the possibilities of lives changed and hope restored. Come share the dream with us. See the possibilities realized and the futures unfold. We know that “It is possible!”