Increasing Sales: A Moving Target | Supply Hope


We are always trying to increase sales for our store operators. We want each and every store to be thriving, but what we’ve learned is that products or initiatives that work for one store, might not work for another store in another neighborhood. In 2016, sales increased 12% per store, but in 2017, we want them to increase by 20%- a lofty goal!

Here’s what we are working on to achieve that number. We have just hired a new recruiting person that will help do home visits and vet all of our applicants to Mercado Fresco. This frees up our current recruiter, Manuel, to move into sales. His full-time job will be in the filed, talking to the store operators and strategizing how to increase sales at every store. He will be working with our awesome marketing coordinator, Alejandra, to make unique campaigns for each neighborhood.

I’m very excited to transition Manuel into this role because he is so respected by our store operators and they feel heard and valued by him. He advocates for our operators and I know he will continue to do that in this new position!