Confidence | Supply Hope


130821_SupplyHope_198With confidence we can gain great success. Often fear is the only thing holding us back.

I remember when I was learning to ride a bike for the first time. The fear of the fall kept me from moving forward. Once I overcame that fear I gained confidence, freedom and self-reliance. There was no stopping me! I no longer needed someone to hold me – I was able to do it on my own. However, before I gained that confidence, I received much support and coaching. And this is what we are providing our micro-franchise operators. In life, they have experienced many challenges and have had few opportunities that have provided them the “training wheels” that they needed.

Supply Hope is coming along side our store operators and providing basic business training, on-the-job experience, life-skills training and counseling. We are taking a holistic approach and providing the tools that are needed to be successful and the support that is needed to gain confidence. It is blessing to watch the store operators complete their training and begin operating their micro-franchise. They are now able to provide for their children. Dignity and hope are restored… and confidence is gained.