Choose Joy! | Supply Hope


sh_posters_joyMany things may be your source of joy and many may threaten, or rob you, of joy. But I believe that joy and happiness are a choice that we make each day. Life can be difficult and challenges will come but life is not meant to be endured – it’s meant to be enjoyed!

We have had the pleasure of watching our micro-franchise store operators come to Supply Hope with many burdens. The weight of living in poverty can be overwhelming and when there are few opportunities for employment, it is easy to lose your joy. When a parent is unable to provide for their children’s needs – they may struggle with feelings inadequacy and hopelessness. But we believe that when people have the ability to earn a livelihood it helps to restore dignity, provides hope, and begins the process of breaking the cycle of poverty!

At Supply Hope, our vision is to see children’s needs met by their own parents. To come along side of the parent (or parents) and provide them with the training needed to successfully operate a micro-franchise. We believe that it is also extremely important for children to see their parents working and for them to have hope for a better future that they themselves ‘own’.

Along with basic business training, we are offering our store operators programs such as counseling, legal assistance, savings and budgeting workshops, home improvement and education loans, practical living seminars, and ongoing personal and business coaching. We are doing our best to empower families to provide a better future for their children.

Join us in fighting poverty through micro-franchising and remember…joy comes in the morning!