Like most people, Maria Eloisa’s story of change is still in process. Although they had the rare advantage of being a two-income Nicaraguan family, Maria Eloisa and her husband still struggled to make ends meet each week.

He worked in a nearby factory, and she attempted to make additional income as opportunities came her way. But they still never seemed to have enough money to pay all of their bills. And even when they were able to come up with the money to cover their basic expenses and buy food, there was rarely enough to cover school costs for their three children. Then two years ago, adding on to her family’s already fragile financial situation, her sister died after a long battle with HIV, orphaning seven children. The children moved in with Maria Eloisa’s mother, but the rest of the family’s financial contribution is necessary to care for them.

After being recommended for the Supply Hope program by one of our local partners in June, Maria Eloisa attended our three-day store operator training and was a Mercado Fresco business owner by week’s end. And now, after a few short months of running her store out of her tiny cement block house in the Alfredo Silva neighborhood, Maria Eloisa and her family are slowly on the path to experiencing financial freedom. They have more money for the kids’ school expenses, and they have money for little things, like buying food for breakfast, a “luxury” that they hadn’t experienced in the past.

She’s thankful for the opportunity that Supply Hope gives her and that they trust her and believe in her. Sometimes faith is all it takes to make a good businesswoman a great one, and Maria Eloisa is well on her way.