Steady Reliable Income

With quality products and services for their community, the right equipment and training, and on-going support, micro-franchise operators earn reliable income from sales commissions.

We train our micro-franchise operators to maintain daily reports on sales and product inventory. We pay operators a commission from their sales money and count inventory remaining at their store. Supply Hope’s portion of the income is used to pay for the products and the costs of warehousing and delivery.

The income opportunity of each micro-franchise we develop may vary somewhat. With many of our operators unemployed or earning less than $2 per day when they start our program, our first micro-franchise, Mercado Fresco is producing regular earnings of $5-$10/day. Their earnings are invested right in their families – improving their homes and diets, and sending kids to school. Since they know they can count on that income next week and next month, the future has new hope.