Supply Hope and Covid-19

Learn how our work is being affected by corona virus and what steps we are taking in response.

How We’re Responding

As we monitor the unfolding situation in Nicaragua, our priorities are to do our part to stop the spread of a virus and to support our families and staff while they are unable to earn a reliable income.

We have always operated with heightened safety and sanitary precautions around our food preparation, delivery and sales. We are making other changes including:

– Informing store owners of the symptoms of the virus and reinforcing the importance of sanitation procedures.

– Suspending our mobile food cart program, Fresco Express

– Consolidating the amount of deliveries to our Mercado Fresco stores

– Conducting distance interviews for Mercado Fresco

– Adding anti-bacterial gel to our inventory for Mercado Fresco stores

– Providing alternative means for essential staff to travel to our warehouse without using public transportation

– No longer sourcing food from crowded city markets

We know you have a heart for the most vulnerable among us and, while no one is exempt from the consequences of this outbreak, we know, too, that the poor absorb a disproportionate impact in times of crisis. They simply have nothing to fall back on.

We are determined to continue providing for the poor families who rely on Supply Hope or micro-franchising income for basic necessities. If you are able to support our emergency relief fund, you can join us in this effort.

We are thinking of you and your families during this turbulent time.  May hope win.