Training & Support

The Operator has access to regular training on how to run their business, hands on learning opportunities, and a network of operators to share best practices.

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We offer straightforward training on micro-franchise operations via classroom teaching and hands-on practice. Supply Hope’s certificate of graduation gives operators a pride of accomplishment that many have never experienced. Supply Hope provides micro-franchise operators with business coaching and marketing tools. They join a community of fellow operators to share best practices and encourage one another.


Equipment & Inventory

The Operator receives all the equipment, marketing materials, and supplies they need to run the business successfully. Inventory is delivered on consignment.

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We provide operators with all the equipment needed to operate their micro-franchise. Because Supply Hope also provides store inventory, operators can focus on serving their customers, not managing deliveries or order quantities. It is a “business in a box” that makes it simple to learn, easy to manage, and quick to gain traction with customers.