Jazmina has always been the anchor for her family – for her husband and three children and also for her extended family. Because of her role of bringing stability to those around her, she feared what might happen during her daytime absence when she needed to go outside of the home for work, a necessity for many years. Unfortunately, one day her fears became a reality when her oldest daughter ran away with her boyfriend at age 16.

Because Jazmina’s alcoholic husband wasn’t equipped to take care of their children, oldest daughter, Brenda, basically had to raise herself while also caring for her 2 younger siblings, Angel and Kimberly. Although Jazmina did what she could to love and care for Brenda when she was home at night, she lost so much critical parenting time during the day. Pretty much unsupervised, Brenda started to get into more and more trouble as she got older. One day, Brenda’s boyfriend asked her to run away with him. She had been taking care of herself for years anyway, so why not? Shortly thereafter, she became pregnant and her boyfriend, not willing to take on the commitment of being a father, abandoned her.
Fortunately for Brenda, Jazmina had made some changes in her own life during Brenda’s absence. She had been accepted into the Supply Hope program, which allowed her to run a Mercado Fresco store from her home. She welcomed Brenda home with open arms and told her she would help her navigate her future. She would be home every day – night AND day. She would help Brenda through her pregnancy, and would also be there to make sure that Brenda’s two younger siblings, Angel and Kimberly, had the daily guidance that Brenda didn’t have.

Sadly, Brenda lost the baby shortly after moving home, but there have been many positive changes in her life. She returned to high school, and when she finishes, she plans on attending a local university to study pharmacy. logo_icon_high_rez