When you ask Rosa Maria how she feels about owning the top-selling Mercado Fresco store after only a few short months of operation, she responds, “Great. I knew I was going to be the best from the beginning.” The refreshing thing is that her confidence doesn’t come from arrogance; it comes from the self-awareness that she is a hard worker. And you understand why her confidence is so remarkable when you know the story of the first forty years of her life. Read More



Like most people, Maria Eloisa’s story of change is still in process. Although they had the rare advantage of being a two-income Nicaraguan family, Maria Eloisa and her husband still struggled to make ends meet each week.  Read More



Every weekday morning before the sun rises, Antonio boards a bus in his hometown of Crucero bound for Managua. An hour later, he arrives at the Supply Hope office and heads to the clean, bright yellow warehouse in the back. Pulling on his boots and gloves, he sets to work. As the Mercado Fresco bodega coordinator, he is responsible for precisely weighing and slicing each order of cheese and preparing all the food before it goes out for delivery. Read More