Beth Meadows, CEO of Supply Hope, participated in various mission trips to Nicaragua eventually grew a deep passion to solve some of the problems of the poor at their roots, breaking the cycle of poverty for children. She utilized her deep franchising experience and entrepreneurial skillset to create franchise-able business concepts that could be run by the poorest of the poor. We launched our first micro-franchise chain in Managua, Nicaragua in 2012.

Beth is the founder and CEO of Supply Hope. She is a charismatic leader, innovative thinker, and a curious problem solver. After spending more than 25 years as an entrepreneur creating one of the top travel organizations in the country, Beth is using her franchise, direct sales, and marketing experience to make a difference in the lives of people in need in Nicaragua.

Beth holds a strong belief that providing opportunities for others to become self-reliant breaks the cycle of poverty. After seeing the effects of poverty on women and children in Latin America over a 10-year period, she felt compelled to apply her 25+ years of business ownership and franchise experience to start Supply Hope.